Has anyone been anyone seen
anyone care how I lost my tourniquet
Will anyone there pull a stroke
care to elope ?
I need help even up this gentle slope

Do do do do do do
Love is a color of one
Every shade of the sun .
Morning has broken

May I bus it up .
I don’t want to bust a gut
flagging down a taxi .
Its your race but I set the pace
cos my urge to please is never ending
Your just like a honey bee ,
mercy now your stinging me
All I can be
Its blue sky or pouring rain .
When will you take me to the honey

Care free I don’t need an enemy
Far be It from me to impede
Care free I don’t need a melody
Far be It from me to impede
Somebody burned my spoon , wants me to administer a lethal dose
If this is real, enjoy your meal,
If you can feel
I left my taste buds in the toast
Open you mouth,
Search it out and find.
Truth tastes better than fiction
Come rescue me , somebody rescue me dodododo

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The Landing The Landing Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
The Ghost of Roger Casement The Ghost of Roger Casement Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
Live in New York Live in New York CD, 2015, Michael Brunnock

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