The Ghost of Roger Casement

2016, Michael Brunnock

The Ghost of Roger Casement

Contemporary Irish Folk/pop


Album Tracks

  1. The Ghost of Roger Casement


This is the first single from the album of the same name .
Siggle release March 17 2016
Album release August 3rd 2016 .
Roger Casement died on August 3rd 1916 . Hanged for teason by the British Government
He was a humanitarian activist and Irish patriot .He was born in Dublin Ireland , worked as a consul to the British Empire .
He investigated and subsequently authored two major human rights reports , one referred to the Belgian Congo and the other from the Putamyo region in the Amazon , between Peru and columbia .
These reports garnered much attention at the time went on to have major effect on british public opinion,law making and prosecution. .
This song takes the lyric from the same titled poem of WB Yeats . It was written in 1936 .
Casements legacy is more poignant now on his one hundreth anniversary . A man of extraordinary empathy , who cared deeply about justice . A poet .
This song is the first release from an album whch will be relesed on August 3rd , His anniversay .
The album brings to live some of his poems and letters and letters to loved ones through music 

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