Hyland & Brunnock

Niamh Hyland and Michael Brunnock met on a date five years ago and the rest is history.…Well, actually they met when Niamh was introduced to Michael by her date.

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Both Irish, both singer/songwriters living in New York for a decade, performing on the Lower East Side on a regular basis. How could they not know each other? It was a lively first meeting in a Brooklyn beer garden. Needless to say the poor lad Niamh was on a date with didn’t get a word in… 

After that, they decided to see if they could write something together. Their first attempt, "Live To Love” has become the title track of their new release. Singing harmonies and tight unison melodies came naturally to them and are the hallmark of their new material - A collection of songs, fueled by copious quantities of Barry’s Tea and McVitie’s Hobnobs. 

On October 25th, Hyland & Brunnock are excited to release a six-song album, produced by David Hopkins, recorded and mixed by Robert Root (The Killers) at Battleborn studios in Las Vegas. The songs cover current, topical discussions from #metoo, to romantic love, to the environment. 

Niamh Hyland, originally from County Leitrim, Ireland, released her first album as the lead singer of the rock band Lily Sparks (2009). She is the Co-Founder of Artists Without Walls, an organization encouraging collaboration and support of Artists across disciplines. She is also a TEDx veteran, with an inspiring talk on why we must keep “Resurrecting Your Dreams”. 

Michael Brunnock originally from County Meath, Ireland, recorded with Little Palace and has several solo albums under his belt. Michael was awarded the Di Donatello award (an Italian Oscar) for his performance of David Byrne and Will Oldham's songs including ‘If It Falls, It Falls” for the movie, This Must Be The Place (2012). He continues to tour, write and perform music for film and theatre. 

Both Niamh and Michael currently live in NYC and plan to perform through 2019 in the U.S. and Europe. 

Their album, “Live to Love” will be released by Hyland & Brunnock on October 25, 2018.

More details at the project website hylandandbrunnock.com.

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