Selected Press Quotes

~ Home
The quality of the songs really stand up on the album because there are no gimmicks on the album. It sounds as though not a note or sound was withdrawn, replaced or added in for effect.
~ Peter N - 2 U I Bestow
Brunnock is not out to please anyone with his offering - it is clearly a labour of love.
~ Natalie Herman - Paddy-Whacked Radio News
Here's what you will get when you buy 'Live in New York'; 12 perfectly crafted rock songs performed by a great band in front of an appreciated audience of The Living Room in NYC.
~ Peter N - 2 U I Bestow
...A truthful and a heart-filled soul.You know he means it when he sings.
~ Suzanne Connolly - The Irish Emigrant
Brunnock’s velveteen vocals whisper in the ear with the softness of down and the very soul of the Emerald Isle.
~ Katrina C.M - Bittersweet Charm
[He has] an absolutely gorgeous quality to [his] voice. It's beautiful. It's really soft and gentle but it rips your heart apart. I have to say it's gorgeous.
~ Edwina Grace - The Edwina Grace Show
I am so envious of people who can write like that
~ Roddie Cleere - The Irish Music Show
The Orchard is an album of great depth, strong big themes, amazing vocals and most importantly it is a collection of wonderfully crafted songs.
~ Peter Nagle, 2 U I Bestow - 2uibestow
...Brunnock's beautiful clear crispness and clipped tones match exquisitely and expertly arranged melodies, driven home with truthful and a heart-filled soul. You know he means it when he sings.
~ Suzanne Connolly - The Irish Emigrant
Enchanting and serene, Michael Brunnock’s The Orchard is a rich harvest of lush lyrics and moving melodies
~ Katrina C.M - Bittersweet Charm
This album is absolutely a refuge from the madness that seems to rule these days. It’s like comfort food for the spirit.
~ Jane Woods -
There are very few albums from which you’ll love every single song but this is one of them.
~ Jane Woods -
Heir to the throne of the best in Irish Music
~ Pat Brennan - Hot Press
Quite Stunning
~ Eamonn Carr - Evening Herald and FM 104
…with a masterful skill, Brunnock takes the idea of a singer/songwriter to another level
~ Alice Goodwin - Goldenplec
Michael Brunnock's voice simply soars. His performances and song writing absolutely wowed our audiences in Boston. I am keenly awaiting more from this intriguing artist.
~ Brian O'Donovan - 89.7 WGBH, Boston's NPR Station

Live events

Michael Brunnock @ Gealach Gorm Music Festival

Michael Brunnock @ Gealach Gorm Music Festival
Sat, Apr 04, 2020
08:00 pm

at Gealach Gorm Music Festival

Gealach Gorm Music Festival, County Waterford, Ireland.

Michael Brunnock in Ireland

Michael Brunnock in Ireland
Fri, Apr 03, 2020
08:00 pm

at Bookmarket cafe Kells

Back in Ireland! Bookmarket cafe Kells, County Meath 

Michael Brunnock @ Rockwood Music Hall

Michael Brunnock @ Rockwood Music Hall
Wed, Feb 26, 2020
06:30 pm

at Rockwood Music Hall

Celebrating Rockwood Music Hall's 15-Year Anniversary with Spooky Ghost, Pamela Sue Mann

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