A blessing for anyone (Caitlin Johnstone)

I have admired Caitlin Johnstone for a long time.
I love her writing
I love her willingness to look for the truth
Her journalism informs me
Her poetry inspires me
I am truly amazed at her insights and ability to smell bullshit

Michael Brunnock - The Landing (Official Video)

Michael Brunnock performing 'The Landing' from upcoming album "The Ghost of Roger Casement". Music Video directed by Mark Smyth.

Sensation by Michael Brunnock

July 20th at Rockwood Music Hall, seen the release of Michael Brunnock's second studio solo album, entitled 'The Orchard'. This was a wonderful night of music, song, fan, friends and family celebrating together both the release of this album but also the fact that Michael had returned from Italy a few weeks before, a winner in the Best Original.

Song category at this 2012's David di Donatello awards ceremony, the Italian equivalent of the American Oscars.

Every Step by Michael Brunnock

'Every Step' is a very positive uplifting song perfect for escaping. If 'Every Step' is an indication to the quality of Michael Brunnock's new album 'The Orchard' I'll predict it'll be one of my most listened to albums of 2012." ~ Peter Nagle, 2uibestow

Breast Plate by Michael Brunnock

This was filmed at The Irish Arts Center, as part of the SongLive series. March 23rd, 2012. It was recorded by Neil Emond, who can be contact at

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