Man Overboard

The Mason is recalling
As the lentil stands upright
How the quarry lived before the dynamite
I am his mighty mansion
A monument to see
Fleeting for a moment
in the mothers memory

I’m falling . Throw me a line
I’m a man overboard.

Well I walked the plank and I jumped the track.
I feel the sword point in my back
Did I cross the deck with my eyes closed
Do I need to know to gain repose
Cos I’ve fallen throw me a line ….

Oh won’t you help me I’ve fallen,
Throw me a line X 3
Verse 1

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The Landing The Landing Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
The Ghost of Roger Casement The Ghost of Roger Casement Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
Live in New York Live in New York CD, 2015, Michael Brunnock

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