Live in New York

2015, Michael Brunnock

Live in New York

Captured in New Yorks 'Living Room' Irelands Neil Young/ Van the man . oh wait Van is Irish.


Album Tracks

  1. Fallen Leaves (Live) 5:15
  2. Shine (Live) 4:34
  3. Give (Live) 4:36
  4. Misunderestimation (Live) 4:48
  5. Breastplate (Live) 5:47
  6. Dance to the Wind (Live) 4:38
  7. Niagara Falls (Live) 5:28
  8. Sensation (Live) [feat. Moe Holmes] 8:04
  9. Born Again (Live) 3:13
  10. Exit Strategy (Live) 6:01
  11. Wounded Knee (Live) 5:46
  12. Words (Live) 3:26


The CD, which is a recording of the release party for his solo debut, So I Do, on June 10, 2007, at The Living Room in New York City, almost didn’t happen.
The show was recorded with no intent to release it to the public. It was only after the death of legendary R&B performer, Moe Holmes, on February 12, 2008, that the wheels began to turn. Holmes, who was the leader of The Voices of East Harlem and who toured with Ike and Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix and Santana in the 1960s, was still active in the New York music scene up until his death. When Brunnock saw him sing for the first time, he was spellbound; Holmes’s performance moved him to tears. The two became friends and at the release party for So I Do, Holmes was invited onstage to sing on Brunnock’s phenomenal ballad “Sensation.”
The resulting song from this collaboration was so special to Brunnock that, after Holmes's death, he began to work to get it released to as wide an audience as he could, thus resulting in Live in New York. The disc features 12 songs, mostly selections from So I Do, with four previously-unreleased songs, including "Sensation." It also includes rare live performances of "Born Again" and "Niagara Falls," which are not generally played at acoustic shows as they benefit from the full band.
“Moe grew up singing gospel. He brought that authentic passion into everything he sang. We both had a residency on Bleeker Street and Moe would join me after his set. He could take the lead or riff over my vocals. He had a sharp wit. It was an honor to have shared the stage with Moe. He was an amazing performer. I learned lot from him and felt a deep respect and friendship.”

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