Ghosts and Commitments

I'm committing to getting The Casement work finished this year coming 2019. At the very least it will be a body of songs that mark moments in his life and realisations he had along the way.
I’m glad now I didn’t push it.
In the 19 years since I moved to NYC, The music industry has been in turmoil, and has not yet settled or transformed. The old paradigm is dead. A Ghost 
Spotify rules.
Fans don’t have to pay for music.
I know I don’t.
So how do artists survive? 
Well,I don’t know.
Spotify is truly a great platform, for the consumer.  The middle men still take the bulk of the streaming revenue. A negligible amount filters down to the artist. But its way ahead of itunes and Pandora.
I’m using Bandcamp too. I plan to put up some more obscure recordings only available there and there is an option for fans to pay. And honestly this has worked extremely well for me. Some fans have been extraordinarily generous. They have acted more like a ‘patron of the arts’ rather than a fan paying for a product. It has helped me finance ‘getting it done’ when I actually ‘get it done’. 
So what now?
I’ve been following a blog by Bob Lefsetz. 
In it he talks about the importance of consistency as an artist, staying relevant by being present and current. Building a body of work. If and when you have your major break with a song ( and its all about the song)
Then your whole catalogue is there to be discovered.
If you are inconsistent, are absent, your fans move on distracted by the next thing
He says Spotify has put the fans in control of who listens . Terrestrial Radio is no longer relevant.
Major labels are still effective but only show an interest when there is already traction on Spotify.
Hip Hop rules because these artists engaged early with this model .’Chance the Rapper’ and ‘Logic’ are major successes . Millions of daily plays on Spotify and did it with no radio and no label until the labels came to them.
Umm …. Interesting. 
In 2019 I plan to follow Bobs advice. At least with the consistency thing ….
Besides the Casement project,I’ve spent the last year or two working with others.
I’ve been enjoying collaborating.It keeps me responsible. It’s a commitment to another person.
Deadlines can be good. There are many plates spinning.5 or 6 . I hope I’m old and wise enough to know what I can handle and complete and still young enough to give each collaborator the energy they deserve.    
See here what projects are in the works. 
So, as I march on, I will focus on Spotify and Bandcamp  
Sole and Heel of the same shoe.
I will endeavor to be both 
Authentic and consistent with the material I release.
A different kinda shoe
Soul and Heal of a right time and place. 
Onward to 2019.
Hope to see you down the road 

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The Landing The Landing Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
The Ghost of Roger Casement The Ghost of Roger Casement Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
Live in New York Live in New York CD, 2015, Michael Brunnock

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