Down By The Araglin

The harvest moon shone in the sky
And the sun sank in the west
The toiler from a long days task
He then sat down to rest
The evening shadows falling fast
On Mountain vale and glen
I knew now care as I took the air
Down by the Araglen

A voice came floating through the air
That evening in captive thrall
A prisoner bound myself I found
beside the water fall
the lovely notes from her long white throat
re echo through the glen
from a comely maid who by chance did stray
Down by the Araglen

Her wavy hair and snow white neck
Her Irish Eyes of blue
Her step was light as a fawn that skips
Through the Glens of upper Doon
The moon shone on her golden locks
And I courted there and then
and I danced with O Donovans daughter
Down by the Araglen

I sat down on a mossy bank
With my Eileen og mo chroi
The pleasant vows I made to her
As a young mans best can be
My thoughts take flight
And I know not why
As Cupid has his fling
I hold her in my arms
Down by the Araglen

Will you come with me to my fathers house
By this beautiful river side
If he will agree I'll go with thee
and be your loving bride
I'll milk the cows and you'll follow the plow
and the sheep we'll care and pen .
I'll hold you in my arms
Down by the Araglen

With my loving bride I there reside
Where this beautiful river flows
For in the Spring when the blackbird sings
And the Hawthorn there do grow
At close of day we'll kneel and pray
As the angeles bell do ring
We will roam when the Harvest moon
shines bright
Down by the Araglen

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