Dance to the Wind

I dance to the wind, I can’t turn around
Birds sing in me , I’m stuck in the ground
I might know more than I pretend,
But when I talk I tell it to the wind .

Oh Oh,
On how much time can we depend .
Ohh, Is it enough to know,
We’re all together in the end.

I grew up on that hill outside your window,
I’ll be here until your grandson cuts me down .
Yesterday a butterfly spent half its life behind your window
I am awake even thought they say that I sleep for half a year.

Oh Oh,

There’s nothing but embers that once were trees
White bears throne tumbles into the sea
Even as her breath blows you down ,
You still drain her blood from the ground

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The Landing The Landing Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
The Ghost of Roger Casement The Ghost of Roger Casement Single, 2016, Michael Brunnock
Live in New York Live in New York CD, 2015, Michael Brunnock

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